Grilled Pork Adobo

Meat type: Pork country ribs.  Make sure to soak your skewers 1 day before you use them.  Ingredients: 10 ribs (About 3-4 pounds of meat).  1 lime.  1 tsp. black pepper.  3 cloves garlic, crushed.  3 pcs. bay leaves.  1 tsp. oyster sauce for every rib.  1 cup sprite.  1 cup rice vinegar or cane vinegar.  1 cup beer.  Prep work:  Lay ribs on a flat surface.  Squeeze lime over the ribs, sprinkle the black pepper and crushed garlic all over and rub into the meat.  Spread 1 tsp. oyster sauce on each rib and massage into meat.  In a big cooking container, place the bay leaves separately at the bottom, coil in the ribs, then pour vinegar, sprite and beer.  Cover and cook in medium heat for 40minutes while you enjoy the remainder of beer and sprite (50-50 ratio) with ice.  Ahhhh.  Uncover and let it cool down for about an hour.  Once cool, slice the pork into strips of about 1 inch wide, 4 inches long and 1/5 of an inch thick.  Fold this strip in 3 parts in “S” form.  Do it to a second strip, stack the two folded strips and pierce the stick in the middle.  Stretch it out on the stick and set aside.  Once done, pour the sauce of the adobo on the meat and put on the grill until cooked.  You can get creative and cut the strips in different sizes to accommodate veggies in between.  Or you can cut it in cubes… enjoy!

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