The little things… day 3


Freedom is never free.  ~Author Unknown


I’m grateful for…
Our servicemen and women.  They and their families sacrifice so much to fight for our freedom.

I’m letting go of…
Opinions I have about veterans who have found it difficult to cope with normalcy.  I have never walked in their shoes, who am I to judge?

10 thoughts on “The little things… day 3

  1. Yes, Christine, though it is a hard trait to set aside, we should not be judgemental. Every person on their own merit, is what I try to practice daily. ( Notice I said try. )

  2. Servicemen and women returning from Afganistan are committing suicide at such a large rate, more of them have killed themselves than have died in battle. Having to kill and go on with your life is a terrible thing. The ones who don’t committ suicide have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a difficult condition to overcome. War is hell and we need to stop playing!

    1. Hi Diana,
      I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. I love to express through cooking, photography and quotes with wisdom, humor and encouragement. Thank you for subscribing to my blog, you are now officially a somethingviller! I hope you enjoy your future visits, keep in touch and take care! I will check out that link you shared. Welcome to Somethingville!

  3. Some of the servicemen who go to war are right out of high school and for those who have never had a taste of violence are the ones who suffer the most…..they go there to fight for their country and to make the world a better place…..most are taken for granted…..those who survive…..come back home, all broken up mentally, physically, etc…..

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