The little things… day 3


Freedom is never free.  ~Author Unknown


I’m grateful for…
Our servicemen and women.  They and their families sacrifice so much to fight for our freedom.

I’m letting go of…
Opinions I have about veterans who have found it difficult to cope with normalcy.  I have never walked in their shoes, who am I to judge?

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  1. That is a great attitude – I try not to judge, but it is a thing you have to think about and does not come naturally–why is that?

    1. Christine says:

      I don’t know, I gues it’s normal human reaction? Whatever it is, it’s an opportunity to improve, right?

      1. that is right – there is always (lots of) room for improvement and you are doing your bit

  2. Yes, Christine, though it is a hard trait to set aside, we should not be judgemental. Every person on their own merit, is what I try to practice daily. ( Notice I said try. )

    1. Christine says:

      It’s something I “try” to work on as well and it’s not easy, but it’s doable. Like you said… pactice daily. Thanks Liz!

  3. Lorraine E. Castro says:

    Servicemen and women returning from Afganistan are committing suicide at such a large rate, more of them have killed themselves than have died in battle. Having to kill and go on with your life is a terrible thing. The ones who don’t committ suicide have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a difficult condition to overcome. War is hell and we need to stop playing!

    1. Christine says:

      That’s so sad Lorraine. Yes, I agree.

  4. Hi Christine, I’m enjoying your blog, especially the photos and your positive, compassionate thinking.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and ‘liking’ my post. The story I included (and just read yesterday) helped remind me of the complex experiences of servicemen, vets, and their families:



    1. Christine says:

      Hi Diana,
      I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. I love to express through cooking, photography and quotes with wisdom, humor and encouragement. Thank you for subscribing to my blog, you are now officially a somethingviller! I hope you enjoy your future visits, keep in touch and take care! I will check out that link you shared. Welcome to Somethingville!

  5. Mae Jimenez says:

    Some of the servicemen who go to war are right out of high school and for those who have never had a taste of violence are the ones who suffer the most…..they go there to fight for their country and to make the world a better place…..most are taken for granted…..those who survive…..come back home, all broken up mentally, physically, etc…..

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