The little things… day 2


Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts.  ~Author Unknown


I’m grateful for…
The nuts in my families.  The one I was born to, the one I married into, my cyber family from all my social networks and blogs and the friends I’ve adopted.  Someone’s comments or actions will make me smile today.

I’m letting go of…
The disagreements over things that won’t matter soon, if they still do.  I can’t help it if I think differently.  Let’s agree to disagree because some things aren’t even worth being upset about.


9 thoughts on “The little things… day 2

  1. Families – the nutty ones included – help us, I think, learn to cope with those out in the world. Our families give us a safe place to learn to stand up for ourselves, to love, to argue, to be happy. I wouldn’t want to be without mine!

  2. Loving your post – I wrote about picking your battles for today – let’s just leave the unnecessary drama behind and live in the present and BE PRESENT! Have a Wonderful Day:)

  3. What a great photo. I like what you are letting go of…the disagreements over things that won’t matter.

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