California Salad

California Salad

This is the best way to eat cauliflower!  Served cold as a salad / appetizer, you will surprise your guests with the flavors and texture of the combination in this nice treat.  You will enjoy it!


The Bulk: 2 bunches broccoli.  2 bunches  cauliflower.  1 bunch green onions.  2 packs of bacon.  1 cup sunflower seeds.  6 oz. craisens.  2 cups parmesan cheese.

The dressing: 1 cup mayo.  1 – 2 tsp sugar.  a dash of salt and pepper. 

Prep:Cook bacon to a crisp.  crush and set aside.  Chop all veggies to penny or smaller size.  I recommend hand plucking the tips of the broccoli & cauliflower.  Put veggies in a large bowl.  In a separate bowl mix the mayo, salt, pepper and sugar to taste.  Pour dressing in the bowl of veggies and mix till veggies are coated.  Add the cheese, chopped green onions, sunflower seeds and craisens.  Mix everything and refrigerate.  Mix in the bacon and serve.

Ellen… thank you for sharing your recipe!

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