20 minute T-bone steak

Ok, so it’s steak night! I’m so excited, since all I’ve been eating are cucumbers and boiled chicken breasts for two weeks. Anyway, I found a great mix of seasoning to have that grilled taste without cooking outside or using rubs or oils!

Here we go…
2.5 ponds T-bone steak, washed. 1 tbsp salt (mixture of kosher and sea), 1 tbsp cumin, 1 tbsp cilantro flakes, 1 tbsp chili powder, 1 tbsp ground pepper. Rub on the steak like you were a masseuse! Now we’re ready to cook!

Put stove on high, use a frying pan with a lid. Once the pan is hot (I started heating it up before I washed my beef), put your steak in the pan and cover. You will see the smoke circulating in there, which is fine. Do not put any oil, it’s not needed. I use a non stick pan.

I kept it on each side (pan always covered) for 3-4 minutes heat on high then another 2 minutes on each side on medium. Depending how you like your steak will determine how long you keep it in there, you be the judge.

Because of my diet, I thinly sliced the meat and immediately wrapped it in fresh baby spinach, held it with a toothpick to warm the spinach for a minute, then ate it. Mmmmm it was good. But you don’t need to do it that way. You can chop it up and make soft tacos by piling it up on a tortilla lined with freshly chopped romaine hearts, a squeeze of lime then top it off with fresh salsa! If you go this route, might I suggest a chilled cerveza be within reach.


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