Live a simple life – Day 2

Wanting less will bring you more joy than having too much. ~ Christine Sternfels

Live a simple life day 2  - Copyright Christine Sternfels

Who’s guilty of buying more than what they need because it was on sale?  Or buying something to reward yourself because you thought you deserved it.  How about convincing yourself you need something because you have to buy $200 worth of stuff so you can put it on your card – interest free for 12 months – because you swear it will be paid off by then?  This is the reason why my garage is a storage room.   I’m guilty of all of the above, and I’m sure I’m not alone here.

While transitioning to a simpler life, this is one of the things I struggled with most.  I wouldn’t say I was addicted to shopping or material things because ultimately, I discovered it was the instant gratification of possessing anything newly acquired that gave me the high.  That’s why finding joy in ownership or abundance of things is temporary because the bill comes then you have to start paying for it and eventually, something better comes along then you’re no longer happy with the one you have.  It’s a vicious cycle!

To live a simple life… Want less.



8 thoughts on “Live a simple life – Day 2

  1. I so want a simplier life. I recently moved and it is not all that amazing to me what you can accumulate in one house for 8 years – ha! I love clothes too much – way more than I can wear in my closet(s). Happy Hump Day!

  2. I find that the older I get, the less I want. Or maybe it’s more like the less I buy, because I still want stuff. My partner and I are both packrats, so it’s quite difficult to get rid of stuff. And there are some things I will not part with until I absolutely have to, like my books. They are like old friends, and even though I have an e-reader, my physical books are still so precious to me.

  3. Yes, I too, was guilty of instant gratification. I guess as we age we come to realize we have so many doubles of things….as I look around at the things I collected for years, I am actually ready to give them away. My thing of the present time is “if it ain’t broke use it”.
    Simple life…..the best thing ever!

  4. We can’t take it with us! It is the novelty of something new that shortly wears off. A year after buying that “really cute shirt” you realize that you only wore it twice.

    I heard a story the other day on the radio of a women who could help others simplify their lives…She suggested that you give away 10 things a day. It doesn’t have to be anything big…By the end of the year you will have simplified and decluttered by giving away 3650 items…I think I need to take a look in the overstuffed basement and start!

    Hugs! – B

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