Live a simple life – Day 1

Sometimes, it takes hard and complicated decisions to make life simple. ~ Christine Sternfels

Live a simple life day 1  - Copyright Christine Sternfels

Good morning everyone!  I’ve missed blogging and my cyber family & friends.  I was going through an emotional roller coaster after Charlie passed away and found it difficult to write.  So, I took a short break and I’ve allowed myself to grieve.  I’m much better now and am ready to heal.

Today, we begin our thirty-day series on “Live a simple life”.   This is the fourth ingredient of my “Secret sauce” for happiness.  We started with “The re-discovery of happiness“, followed by “Being grateful for the little things“, then “Random acts of kindness“.

Live a simple life will be about steps taken, lessons learned and ideas to simplify life.  I look forward to sharing my discoveries and hearing back from what you’ve experienced in your own lives.  Today, to simplify my life… I’m letting go.

Have you ever re-lived moments that make you cringe, upset or sad?  Yet we keep going back to that awful place, which leaves mixed feelings that won’t go away.  Before you know it, the day has gone by and you’ve lived most of it re-living a not-so-pleasant past.   Often, we hold on to feelings that hold us prisoners of our past.  We hold on to feelings for reasons we’ve convinced ourselves are valid, to the point of not being able to move forward to appreciate the present.  As much as we’re able to choose to hold on, we’re just as capable of making the choice to let go.  We hold the key to our own chains.  Join me today, by unlocking that chain and breaking whatever it is that is keeping you in the past.  Today, let’s start moving forward.

Today, the sun will set.  With it, will be what I no longer need to hold on to.   Life is full of possibilities, new beginnings and beauty.  I will make it simpler by letting go of emotions that dampen my mood, cloud my judgement, make me sad and get in the way of experiencing the good moments.  No, I’m not letting go of the memories that fill my life, just the sadness that comes with it.



10 thoughts on “Live a simple life – Day 1

  1. Christine, glad to see you back. This is a very important topic because regret, disappointment and pain keep so many of us trapped in the past, rather than enjoying the present. Life lived happily and with ease can only occur when we understand all we have is the present and that it is a present from God.

  2. I’m so glad you’re back, but more importantly, I’m glad you gave yourself time to grieve – that’s important.

    I find myself sometimes thinking ‘what if’, or ‘if only’, but it doesn’t last very long now. There were times when I would drive myself bonkers with the what ifs and if onlys. Now I just tell myself that I am who I am today because of my past. And I like who I am today. 🙂

  3. This topic of ” letting go” is not as easy said then done. There are so many “sad memories” that stick like rugby and can’t be washed off, shaken off,etc. I am truly blessed with the greatest, most loving husband (married 46 years)…. have wonderful, awesome children and their better-halves…6 amazing grandchildren. They are my life and inspiration. The sad memories take a backdrop to my family… is because of them that I
    get up in the morning with a smile and before going to bed, I thank God for all the love we share…we are one tight bond who are there for each other.

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