The little things… day 28


A man should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong, which is but saying… that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.  ~Alexander Pope, in Swift, Miscellanies

I’m grateful for…
Quiet Sunday mornings when the dogs and the kid are still asleep and I get to play scrabble with hubby… all the made up words he thinks he’s getting away with… learning how to spell better… finding out I’ve been using certain words in the wrong context.   

I’m letting go of…
Using the excuse that English is my second language… excessive use of my phone to play word games –  I would much rather see hubby’s expression when I get 75 points on scrabble using 2 tiles.   

Scrabble is our favorite word game.  We also love Bananagrams and Boggle.  Sometimes, it takes us four hours to play just one game, yes we use the dictionary and take our time.  Do you like word games too? 

4 thoughts on “The little things… day 28

  1. My husband and I love Scrabble. We even took it on our honeymoon. Now we mostly play Words With Friends, with each other and with other friends. I love being able to stay connected with him throughout the day via WWF on my phone.

  2. I love word games. There is one I have on my kindle that is called Threadwords…another called bookworm…

    Board Games…Dictionary Dabble. Scrabble. Boggle.

    Let’s play sometime!

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