The re-discovery of happiness … day 29

For every minute you are sad, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.  ~Author Unknown

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4 thoughts on “The re-discovery of happiness … day 29

  1. Sad or happy are impermanent, maybe stay present and sad will exist over there, on it’s own.

    We are granted so many breaths on this planet, whether we worry, become sad, depressed or live in this moment empty of thought, we leave on the same day.

    Easy decision seems like.

    Think about when we wake up shower in the morning. Observe your mind and what thoughts arrive. Does the day become filled with gloom and doom, inviting avoidance and isolation, or does morning offer opportunity and excitement.

    This is our core our mind axis. Is yours positive or negative. You can reprogram it.

  2. Also expecting happiness or no sadness is a judgment and brings expectations and eventually loss.

    If we do not judge or have to label things life becomes free. If I let a situation exist that usually would elicit a fearful, angry reaction, it exists and does not come with me when I move to tomorrow.

    Do not judge and life will be free and opportunity will be multiplied over and over.

    Our minds crave to be focused and empty to repair and work the most efficiently. let The ego go dormant and discover life.

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