The re-discovery of happiness … day 28

The best way for a person to have happy thoughts is to count his blessings and not his cash.  ~Author Unknown

Today, I’m posting pictures from my wedding, because of two things.  In them are who I am most thankful for (My girls, hubby and our family) and it’s my anniversary!

We got married on a Thursday afternoon in an old man’s living room.  We found him in the yellow pages after we decided to elope and decided against Vegas.  With us were my daughter, my best friend and her husband.  When we got there, we saw signs stating “We notarize, take passport pictures, have P.O. boxes and make keys!”  Oh great!

Then this old man opens the door.  He looked like he was a hundred years old!  Anyway, to make a long story short, we picked ceremony A – quick and easy as opposed to B (tear jerker) or C (long and drawn out).

Every 3 years we get re-married.  In Las Vegas at a drive through chapel.  In Laguna Niguel at the Ritz Carlton (the real one, where I got to wear a gown and got walked down the aisle).  At a community church and at the beach in Klaloch on a Sunday morning when nobody was awake – just the beach, the sea mist, my hubby and I.  We take turns planning the wedding so it’s a surprise to the other.   Next year will be hubby’s turn.  I suggested jumping out of a plane, he said “Heck NO!” He’s afraid of heights, I guess that would be a problem!


Happy Anniversary my love!  I am so thankful I get to grow old with you.  You are definitely proof that God had better plans for me.  He blessed me with you, my joy.


17 thoughts on “The re-discovery of happiness … day 28

  1. Happy Anniversary .. thank you for sharing your beautiful memories with us! What a great idea … re-marrying every 3 years! We got married on the beach … it was ideal!

    1. The tradition actually started by chance. Long story but really funny and yes, it’s a great way to keep it fresh and fun. Hope you have a great day too!

  2. You were a beautiful bride. Happy Anniversary. May you have another year of love, good health, ease and fulfilment.

  3. Happy anniversary! And, hugs of course! Love the photos! And yes you spelled Mazel Tov correctly! Will you be getting married again in, maybe, New Zealand? I wanted to know if I should bring along a frilly dress!

    1. The only frills allowed cannot be worn. Hey NZ sounds like a great idea. Must start “implanting” the idea in hubby’s head. Good one, and thanks for the greetings. Hugs back!

  4. What a delightful post!! How gorgeous you both looked on your special day 🙂 beaming with love. Happy Anniversary and much joy! Love, Gina

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