“Make your own pizza” night

For last Friday’s girls’ night, we decided to get creative.

My guests brought their own toppings and drinks…

I provided glasses…

two dozens 8-inch pizza crust and a gallon of pizza sauce (both purchased at Cash & Carry) .  I had my oven set to 425 degrees and covered the bottom grill with foil.  We were able to cook 6 at a time (directly on the top grill, placed mid-high) and took about 12 minutes for each batch.  Keep it in an extra minute or two for a crunchy crust.  The cheese dripping to the foil was burning and produced smoke in my kitchen, which added a “wood fire” flavor so I just kept the vent on high and had the windows open to stop my fire alarms from screaming.  Here are the ones I was able to photograph (before the wine kicked in).  Drum roll please….

Margherita pizza – Pizza sauce, pesto, mozzarella, tomatoes, basil leaves, crushed garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Chicken BBQ pizza – BBQ sauce, chicken sautéed with red onions in bbq sauce, 4 blend cheese and parsley.

Turkey pizza (Voted best) – Pizza sauce, ground turkey pre-cooked, turkey bacon, sliced smoked  gouda, shredded cheddar and cilantro.  I don’t like turkey that much, but I will eat this combo any day!

Classic Hawaiian – Pizza sauce, Canadian bacon, pineapple, Colby & jack cheese and green onions.

Garden Pizza – Marinara, Italian squash, zucchini, bell peppers, carrots and Asiago.

We ate, we drank and we were very merry!  Clean up didn’t take long.  At the end of the night, this was all that was left…

5 thoughts on ““Make your own pizza” night

  1. OHMY! What a GREAT idea. I love it. I love pizza so ALMOST anything involving it is a great idea — to me — but seriously, this was brilliant.

    I want to do this now.

    Oh, wait! I just saw babso2you’s comment! I was so interested in the pictures (great photos, btw) that I didn’t actually read the FIRST line about it being a girls’ night. I was thinking couples. I like the girls’ night idea better. Fantastic!

    I am thinking of my guest list now!

    1. Couple’s night is a great idea too. Thanks for your kind compliments and yes, you should try it out! We came up with over a dozen combinations but I was able to take pictures of only a few because the wine got to me real fast!

      Enjoy your get together and enjoy the pizzas!

      1. Ha. Yes, I did read that part about the wine.

        And yeah, couples would be fun too, that is why I first thought of that, but my best friends and pizza . . . . that is the ultimate —- oh, and wine. Best friends, pizza, and wine! 🙂

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