It’s just PMS people!

Sorry to my male followers, I know when you see “PMS” your first impulse is to dash out of the room.  If you’re in a relationship, this may actually help you when your wife or girlfriend is PMSing.  Besides, nowadays, there’s no such thing as too much information or privacy anymore.  Tips for dudes will be at the bottom of the page.  Feel free to pass go without collecting $200.

As you see on the picture I’ve attached, this is how my kid feels when aunt Flo is in town.  The poor thing is turning 13 next week and is not looking forward to this as she gets older… I just keep telling her “I’m not possessed, mommy’s just PMSing”.  P stands for Pre, Present and Post.  So there’s really only one good week of emotional stability here, if that.

So ladies… this curse we have that happens every month or so doesn’t get any better with age.  Hitting mid-forties is not so fun for me.  Imagine being on a roller coaster ride of emotions – that’s us before turning forty.  Now imagine the same ride on steroids, that’s how it’s like after forty!

Refusing to take any medication, what do I do?  I googled it!  Yes, that’s my research.  And also spoke to my doctor about it.  There isn’t one way of stabilizing your emotions because we’re all built differently.  A suggestion was made that I take testosterone… “Heck no!!!” was my first reaction because that would mean shaving my mustache daily as opposed to twice a month.  (If you’re a man and you’re reading this… yes, women shave their faces too!  Waxing gets expensive and we’re in a recession here).  Besides, I don’t want to sound like Barry White when using my bedroom voice.  So NO to testosterone.  I will try the B complex first.  It’s a combination of all vitamin B’s to help even out your mood and helps boost your energy.  I’ll try that and running 3 miles a day.

Anyway, lately I have not been able to maintain my composure while watching TV!  I am bawling my eyes out to CSI and The Voice!  It’s so bad.  Then yesterday, I was on the verge of using my purse on one of the parents of our opponent’s team while watching my daughter’s basketball game.  He was making comments about the girls on my team.  That’s when I knew it was bad because usually, I am a very happy-go-lucky “I love my life and love your neighbors” kind of person and now I have violent thoughts of using my purse as a weapon!  I should hide in a cave!

I’ll be fine, I just need wine!  I’m having a “Make your own pizza night” with my friends.  They bring their own drinks and toppings, I simply supply my home, wine glasses, pizza dough and pizza sauce.  I will probably blog all the pizzas they come up with and besides, life’s too short to dwell on PMS.  Have a good weekend everyone!

For the guys… when your woman’s PMSing:

  1. No matter what you say, you’re wrong.  This is not the time to argue.  Wait 7 days.
  2. No matter what you do, you’re wrong.  This is a good time to stay in your man cave or just out of our way.  But when we call, be there like the Flash or you’re gonna hear it.
  3. Chocolates.  Always have some stashed unless she allergic to them, then you’ll need it.
  4. Pay attention.  When we’re talking, listen.  There’s always a quiz later, which may be up to ten years from now.
  5. Flowers may not be a good idea because we’ll only think you’re guilty of something, unless it’s your anniversary, mother’s day or her birthday.
  6. Make sure you always have the last words and they should be “Yes dear”.
  7. Understand.  Understand that it’s not you, it’s our hormones… so it’s not us either.
  8. Hope.  Hope that you can survive the next two weeks and look forward to that one week of emotional stability.
  9. Keep track.  Know when this happens.  A well prepared man is a man less affected, thus lesser trips to the shrink will be required.
  10. Don’t define us by our actions during this time.  Couples have so much to deal with and this is really nothing compared to other challenges.  Love us and know we love you.

I’m keeping it short because I don’t want to challenge anyone’s attention span today, including mine.  You’re welcome to add tips though.  For the ladies… how do you handle PMS?  For the men… how do you deal with it?

5 thoughts on “It’s just PMS people!

  1. It’s about time someone wrote about their feelings on this. Great job and I admire you for braving it! I love the tips, I will make sure to start a stash of chocolates from now on.

    I’d like to add a tip for the guys. I agree to all listed above but when her head starts spinning and she starts spitting pea soup, then run for your life man! All kidding aside, my favorite is #10, especially the last line. “Love us and know we love you”. As a man, (women are hot and cold during this time) it’s so easy to get frustrated. But thank you for reminding me that she loves me. I needed that today, I think she’s pmsing. Great post!

  2. Are you sure you didn’t take testosterone? This is a “ballsy” move but I’m glad you brought it up. Watch for my post tomorrow… it will be somewhat the same. And girl, you’re not alone. I agree, it’s no fun but hey, we always have that week to look forward to right! Have a great weekend yourself.

  3. How can I possibly describe what PMS was for me? I was in a horrible state for about 25 years. Having breast cancer in my family, hormone therapy was not an option. There are products out there that can help you. There is one product whose name escapes me but it is made with red clover.

    Love the candor of the topic and the advise for the guys!

  4. Hilarious post.

    I’m lucky because I think I didn’t really PMS, so I think my mid-forties PMS is comparable to others “regular” PMS. I know it could change, so I appreciate this post!

    I have to constantly remind myself when I am in an emotional up (agitated/anxiety) swing or down (sad) swing that NOTHING (because usually there is nothing because my life is even keel and I am very blessed) is any different than yesterday when I wasn’t feeling so blue. And I can do that for a morning or an afternoon and then I am good. Plus I drink water and avoid chocolate (not a big fan anyway). And exercise. Not sure what to do about the other things that have cropped up though. :-}

    My husband is a self-professed PMSer, he doesn’t get IMS (Irritable male syndrome), but he gets emotional. He is man enough to admit it and I just give him a little extra attention and he gets through it.

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