Corned Beef, Potatoes & Cabbage

Makes 6-8 servings. 
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cooking time 1 ½ to 2 hours


Corned Beef Brisket (2-3 pounds)
Mustard (2 tsp)
Beer (1 can, any brand)
4 Large Potatoes (Red is the best one but any type will do) – quarter cut
1 Large Cabbage cut in 4 sections
2 Yellow Onions cut in half
1 tbsp chopped parsley



  1. Start by washing the corned beef in cold water before putting it in the pot.
  2. Place in the pot and fill it with water until the beef is completely covered with about two inches of water. 
  3. Add the spices (usually 1 tsp peppercorns and 1/8 tsp cloves) that come with your store-bought corned beef brisket.  For every 2-3 pounds of meat, add 1 can of beer (can be non alcoholic beer), 1/3 cup of brown sugar and 2 tsp. mustard (yellow or spicy brown).
  4. Cover the pot, put it on high and let it boil 25 minutes per pound. 
  5. Add the potato and onion 30 minutes before completion.
  6. Add the cabbage 20 minutes before completion.
  7. Let simmer for 10 minutes after your boiling time. (Example, for a two-pound brisket, the boiling time is 50 minutes, then simmer for 10 minutes, making it a total of 60 minutes cooking time)

Although a popular meal for St. Patrick’s Day, you may cook this anytime.  Another option is the Crockpot way, instead of boiling it the entire time. 

Put all the ingredients except for the potatoes and cabbage in the Crockpot and cook in low for 12 hours.  Add the potatoes 1 hour before completion on a high setting.  Add the cabbage 30 minutes after. 


Allow to cool and put all ingredients on a platter when finished, using a cooking spatula with holes. Slice the meat across the grain for the texture that is easy to chew.  Sprinkle the parsley all over all ingredients before serving.  Enjoy!

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