Random acts of kindness – Day 28

No matter how nice you are, there will always be someone to criticize you.  ~Author unknown

SPLITTING IMAGE - Copyright Christine Sternfels

Can you go a day without criticizing someone no matter how blatantly funny they look?  Why not give it a try?

9 Comments Add yours

  1. adorable pic–I am up to the challenge

    1. So… how did you do yesterday?

      1. pretty good–at least I did not make fun of any llamas

  2. asklotta says:

    I am taking your challenge on today!

  3. Like my mother would say have nothing nice to say keep your trap shut – ha! She was a special teacher of life as well as for special needs children/adults. Have a Great One:)

  4. We are on the same wavelength. I have my Attitude of Gratitude 365 happening. I love this!

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