Random acts of kindness – Day 2

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles.  It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.  ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Ok, so I tried this at the store.  I made a conscious decision to smile at people without coming across creepy or looking constipated.  I normally smile at people anyway, but today I made sure I initiated the eye contact and smiled as soon as they looked at me.  Not only was it a good exercise, I found myself enjoying the smiles coming back!  Today, I got 10 out of 10 smiles from strangers.  Awesome feeling!

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  1. Jaz says:

    Here’s a smile to start your day off right 🙂 Peace, Jaz

  2. I wanted to tell you that I read your blog and am impressed with your goodness and the love that you share. Thank you for your acts of kindness, they brighten my days always!!!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoy your visits to Somethingville! There’s much love to spread, I’m happy to share them with you. Have a great day!

  3. OK-don’t know what button I pushed to give you a message of today’s date! I just wanted to tell you that I am smiling back!

  4. So now I see–you have your comments set to give you the time of the remark—how clever!

  5. I must admit I steal some of your sayings and post them on Facebook.

    1. That’s awesome, I’m flattered!

      You know we’re also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/visitsomethingville

      If you like us, you can share our posts 🙂 Have a great day Patrick, take care!

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