The little things… day 21


Dogs’ lives are too short.  Their only fault, really.  ~Agnes Sligh Turnbull

I’m grateful for…
Our dogs.  They love unconditionally, don’t judge, lick the stress out of you, comfort you just by being there.  They are the best companions, always look at you admiringly, hand you their paw just to say “Hey, are you doing ok?  I’m here for you.”

I’m letting go of…
Shooing them away when all they want to do is cuddle.  I know he’s a 90 pound labrador, why should I be upset if he thinks he’s a lap dog?  Disconnecting myself when they’re needy.  Ignoring them because tv is more interesting.  Yelling at them after they ate through your kid’s backpack just to get to that stick of gum.

The dog in this picture is Hasha, my brother’s dog.  She passed away a few days ago, she was eleven.  We held her in our arms as she drew her last breath on the cold aluminum table at the vet clinic this past Saturday morning.  She was such a good dog.

Our lives are so busy that we neglect to make an effort to really enjoy our pets.  When they pass away, we can’t help but think of what we could have done better or the time that we will never get to spend with them because they are gone.  We often forget to celebrate their lives and acknowledge the good we’ve done because we grieve over their loss and can’t help but make it about us and our feelings.  But at some point, we need to make it about them and all the good memories, all the wonderful times we spent together.  Never forget they knew you loved them.

My two dogs Charlie and Daisy are still alive.  Charlie’s eleven and Daisy’s nine.  Losing Hasha has made me realize that I need to be a better dog owner.  I need to make more time to enjoy them, while they’re still around.  I know I will grieve when they are gone but I hope to remember to also celebrate their life while we were blessed with them. 

We’ll miss you Hasha.  We’ll miss you girl.


5 thoughts on “The little things… day 21

  1. This made me reflect on the children in our house. Our children, because we could not have any, are our pets. Astro is getting up in years and is 9. We love him dearly, as we do Madison and Toby. Thank you for this post, and just so you know, I needed a Kleenex!

    Hugs! -B

  2. It’s always sad to lose one of our four-legged companions, but we have to remember that we gave them a good life. It’s too easy to second-guess what we could have/should have done better or more. Remember that we all do the best we are capable of at any given moment. And enjoy your time with your furry baby whenever you can.

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