The new chocolate chip

This is one of those “You have to try it at least once” kinda things… like dipping french fries in vanilla ice cream or sprinkling sea salt on you caramel coffee.


Ingredients: Nutella  and Sweet Maui Onion chips

To make: Simply grab a chip and dip it into the chocolate.  The result… chocolate chip!

When I first tried it, I was like “Hm… crunchy, salty, sweet and oh my…”.  It tasted strange at first bite, then as I chewed, I began salivating.  I know, it’s a strange pairing but like I said before… just try it.  I wonder what I can dip my Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips into?

11 thoughts on “The new chocolate chip

  1. This is funny. This is one of those things I won’t dare try. I love those chips. Can’t start eating them because I don’t stop. I haven’t ever tried Nutella and I think it is best that way. It does not sound good and I am just fine leaving it at that. So many people LOVE it, I am sure it would just end up being of of those other things I don’t need to eat. 🙂

    1. I’m sure you would hate Nutella, how it melts in your mouth, that creamy silky smooth flavors of chocolate and hazel nut… you would totally hate it. Smart move.

      1. I don’t think I am a big hazel nut fan and the idea of it having chocolate in it really doesn’t sound that good. So I have been able to avoid trying it. Because it does not sound appealing. Reminds me of the peanut butter with chocolate in it that was around when I was younger. Meh.

  2. Ooh yum! I LOVE nutella and I’ll give it a try. My brother got me hooked on dipping my french fries in vanilla ice cream, which was something I would have never done until he dared me. I will let you know how it goes.

      1. I tried it and WE liked it. My sons asked what I was doing and I said an experiment and they chimed me too me too! When I told them what I was going to do they both thought it was gross then one son called the other one scaredy cat and they egged each other on. Thankfully they left some chips in the bag for mommy to try this crazy idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I was introduced to Nutella when I was about 7 years old. A little boy from Germany had moved in to our neighborhood and I would sometimes go to his house for lunch. It was not until about 2005 when I started seeing it in grocery stores here in Maryland. I remember how excited I was the first time I saw it on the shelf! Love Nutella!!

    1. It’s a comfort food to me, along with fried chicken, pizza and Asian food oh and clam chowder. Geez, no wonder I am having such a hard time losing my pregnancy weight – and my baby just turned 13 years old! haha

      1. LOL.. I think the reason why I am a gym nut is because I love eating all 3 things you mentioned above! That’s not even counting the bowl of cookies n cream ice cream I eat nightly!

  4. My mother (Mother Theresa in my blog) called this Nu-ta-tella, so as I grew up I called it Nutatella until one day I was about 10 and read the label, I said “Mama this says Nutella” she said “thats what I said Nutatella” who could argue with that??? LOL!

    This is a must try, I loved It!!!!

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