What’s in a name?

We usually name our pets according to their personality or how they look.  Sometimes we use movie characters, like the time we named our black labrador Charlie because of Charlie’s Angels (Now I wish we named him shadow because he always follows me around).  Then there are those times when we think we’re funny and name our bull dogs Daphne (Sorry if you named your bulldog Daphne) or when an “Aha” moment hits you and you thought you were such a genius for coming up with such a brilliant idea of naming your smart dog Einstein, only to discover he’s dummer than a rock and everyone who meets him asks you how you came up with that name.  But for most families, the kids will name the pets.

Last week, we got Cj – aka The kid – a beta fish…

Can you guess what she named him?   Well folks, I’d like you to meet…


9 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. hahaha! I love it! And we’ve been thinking about getting a beta too… I can’t wait to hear the names they come up with! (They wanted to name their youngest brother Shumpy. No idea what it means or where it came from.)

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