The Lottery

I play the lottery once in a while with hopes of being the sole winner of a large jackpot.  I just checked my numbers this morning and today’s ticket is not a winner.  Once in a while, I would ask my husband “So what will we do with all that money when we win the lottery?”.  We have fun day dreaming.  First we agreed we wouldn’t tell anyone and just start paying off our parent’s mortgages, give our siblings a few hundred thousand each, give a million each to our children, pay our bills, travel and set up a trust fund.  I would definitely put a few millions into my non-profit so I wouldn’t have to look for grants and just live off the interest with what’s left.  That’s how we’d spend it if we won more than $50 million after taxes.  If we win a smaller amount, then the numbers we’ve allocated to where we’d like to spend it would change.

It’s nice to dream and although the chances of getting hit by lightning is greater, it’s still nice to imagine every now and then.  One thing I do not want is for it to change my values and principles.  What would you do if you won $50 million after taxes lump sum?

9 thoughts on “The Lottery

  1. I would pay off the mortgage and credit card bills. Quit my job, sell the house and move out of the home owner’s association, then buy or build a new one. I would travel. Upon returning home, I would open up the sandwich shop I have always wanted to have. I would also donate money to some of the worthwhile charities, and set something up for the homeless.

    I have not won the lottery yet, which reminds me of a joke…

    Sol goes to temple and prays that this week he will win the lottery. The lottery happens and Sol does not win. The following week he prays again hoping to win the lottery. Again he does not win. The following week he prays again, and this time there is a bit of a thunder and lightning effect, and God looks down on Sol. He says to Sol, “Sol, meet me halfway and buy a ticket!” 🙂

  2. Hi Christine – I like your daydream about winning the lotto. i seldom buy a ticket as I seldom have any good luck. But, we have often thought what we would do if we won “The Big One”. Aside from helping out family and investing, my big indulgence would be to take a trip around the world to see all the famous beaches. But, what would I do once I got back? I’d still be facing winter in Canada and lots of snow. See my blog today.
    I daydreamed myself right back to Florida (!) to cope with yet more white stuff we are getting. Hope where you are is warm:)
    Colleen/aka/Jilly in Canada

    1. We live in the Pacific Northwest in the Puget Sound of Washington… so a move to a warmer place for the winter months sounds dreamy… Kauai and Napa Valley are the top contenders but my heart belongs to Washington from July to October.

  3. First and foremost… I’d panic. I know I wouldn’t have the stereotypical “crack open the champagne” kind of reaction. Being made a multi-millionaire overnight, that’s not the kind of thing that can be absorbed without so much as a twitch.

    Once I’d finished panicking, I’d figure out what sum of money would guarantee me financial security, even if I lived to be 110. And then I’d put that sum away and leave it alone. The only reason for touching that would be if I’d been an idiot and blown the rest of the winnings. Then I’d pay off my mortgage.

    Fun things? The things I’d like to do more of are gaming and travelling. So no more waiting for the latest PlayStation or a newly released game to come down in price and more holidays. But I wouldn’t be able to have as many holidays as I want, as I’d have to continue working. I’d end up crawling up the walls if I had nothing to do but sit and count my money.

    Things for other people… I’d want to help my friends and family whenever they needed it. That’s a fine line to walk, as I’d never want to take away anyone’s dignity. But I’d always be willing to help. And I’d love to buy up all the empty shops in the town – that’s most of them – and rent them out to small start-ups. No-one can afford to stay in our high street and it’s only because the council’s being greedy. My town could be so much if someone was willing to invest in it. And if I won the Lottery, I’d be more than willing.

    1. When you win and you’ve done all you want and get bored… call me. But by the sound of it, you’re not the type to over indulge and experience it all at once. Rest assured that you can stretch the activities, learn other languages, start painting, travel, go on missions, create video games… lots to do!

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