I treasure your heart

One thought on “I treasure your heart

  1. Since I began to read, I would always dream of being swept off my feet by a gallant, hand some prince inspired by the books I read of Cinderella and Snow White. In the 2nd grade, I had a big crush on Duane Blackwell, who had the most tantalizing blue eyes, thick black hair, and such kissable lips ….he was my perfect prince!!!

    Every Halloween, our school picked out the best costumes (a boy and a girl). We would form a circle, walk around and around in the gym, until the “judges” picked out the winners.
    I begged my mother to buy me a princess costume because my crush was going to wear a prince costume. Back then, we ordered through catalogs like Sears, Montgary Ward etc.and I picked a beautiful, pink princess dress which had a billowing skirt , with a crown
    aand pair of white glossy shoes. She said it costs too much, so she ended up buying me a wich’s costume complete with a pointy hat and broom. I’m glad it came with a witchs mask, so no one recognized me.

    As everyone was falling in line to to start with costume parade…I just grudgingly moved along with rest, who were giggly and exciited to know the winners would be. I was looking for my crush, but couldn’t recognize most of the kids who wore masks. As we were on our last leg of the circle,the judges told us to stay in our places. When the winners were called,
    and were asked to remove their masks. I was Duane was the prince and Melanie( had a very big crush on Duane too) was the princess with her long blond hair curled up in ringlets. I was so heartbroken on my way home, tears running down my cheeks. My prince was taked away from me.

    By the time I was in high school, was still waiting for my own prince. He would be the perfect love of my life…daydreeming to the point that I was caught several times by Sister Bertrand “Maya, maya,why must you be staring out of the window”. By the time I was in College, there were a lot of men to choose from. One day I was introduced to someone and
    we became best friends. He was around for me at all times. Day by day, I got to know him more without realizing that I cared for him too. People have this notion that if you meet the right man in your life, your heart would “skip a beat”… mine didn’t. What made me fall in love was because he treated me like a princess and I realized I had my very own prince in him. I TREASURE MY HEART because of the love for my husband, our children and their loved one and grandkids who serve as an inspiration from going on with my life!!!

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