Do over

There are no backspace or delete buttons in life, but don’t let that stop you from trying again. 
~ Christine Sternfels


I think we’ve all been in situations where you might say “Wish I could click undo.  Do over!” 

I’ve been there too many times and continue to realize that had I given up in my darkest moments, I wouldn’t be here.  Had I given up on love, I wouldn’t be happily married.  Had I given up on my daughter, someone else would be helping her plan her wedding.  Had I given up on my career, I wouldn’t be able to pursue my dreams.  We learn things along the way and we don’t find the value in pain and hardships at the time but it’s what helps us achieve.  Learning from our mistakes makes us wiser and more equipped to be able to handle, maintain and appreciate success.

Life is one lesson after the other.  Each time you fall flat on your face or even if it’s just a scratch, get up and start all over again.

One thought on “Do over

  1. This leaves the old adage of “what ifs ” and “what nots” in a quandary. Parents mistakes are theirs to keep and live by. I’ve learned this through my own children’s ways of caring for their children. We tend to “shield” them from harm’s way to protect them…but from what and from whom? We parents tend to do this because, in all actuality, for fear that our past expierences might happen to them. I’ve come to realize, that history doesn’t always repeat
    itself. Being overprotective does’t give our children the chance to fend for themselves when they are faced with life’s turmoils. In childhood, parents should instill in them a foundation strong and solid enough, filled with love and guidance to allow them to “spread their wings”
    to face what is ahead of them.

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