Take time to reflect to be in touch with who you really are, then take action to fulfill your purpose.

~ Christine Sternfels


When we reflect upon our past – be it hours, days or years, why do we gravitate more towards what could have been?  Unconsciously, most of us strive for perfection because of disillusions brought upon us by society, culture and upbringing that it became a life requirement to define our self-worth.  Sadly, we often feel we’ve failed because we use the world’s expectations as our measuring stick.  Stop conforming to live someone else’s life, to surpass someone else’s achievements or to fulfill someone else’s dreams.  You need not worry about pleasing everyone. 

It is in you to fulfill your destiny, so use each day to making it one day closer. Use each day to grow. Use each day to stay in touch with who you really are and embrace who you find. Use each day to face your fears to gain back the courage and the strength you were born with. You see, no matter how much pain you’ve had to endure or how many failures haunt you, you have today and everyday to define the reflection of the good life you were meant to live.

Your life awaits you…tomorrow’s outcome is influenced by your actions today and its reflection leads back to you. 

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