If you need makeup to feel beautiful, that’s okay… as long as you embrace the beauty that comes from within you. ~ Christine Sternfels

My husband and I have date night at least once a month.  Last week I decided to get all “prettied up” for my honey and asked my daughter if she would help me with my make-up, it’s been a while since I last painted my face.  She was so excited and laid out a variety of beauty products and what seemed like a hundred colors to choose from.

There was a point in my life when I thought how I looked was more important than who I was inside.  I would say things like “You wouldn’t want that fried chicken if it didn’t look good.” or “It’s all in the packaging.”.  Then I went through the stage when I convinced myself I was happy with my self and didn’t need make-up at all, because my bubbly personality was enough.  Yes, extremes.

Just like with everything, I learned that doing things in moderation is a key ingredient to a well-balanced life.  So every now and then, I make time to be pretty for my husband and for me.

2 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Balance is the key to life. A friend once called it walking on the edge of a blade. When I wear makeup I like to look natural. I actually had someone one time who wanted to “do my makeup.” I looked a the blue eye shadow, overly rosy cheeks and said thank you but no.

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