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The new chocolate chip

This is one of those “You have to try it at least once” kinda things… like dipping french fries in vanilla ice cream or sprinkling sea salt on you caramel coffee.


Ingredients: Nutella  and Sweet Maui Onion chips

To make: Simply grab a chip and dip it into the chocolate.  The result… chocolate chip!

When I first tried it, I was like “Hm… crunchy, salty, sweet and oh my…”.  It tasted strange at first bite, then as I chewed, I began salivating.  I know, it’s a strange pairing but like I said before… just try it.  I wonder what I can dip my Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips into?

Trail Mix

Does this picture make you want to grab a handful so you could toss it in your mouth and munch?

It’s so easy to make trail mix and there are many varieties to choose from.  You can go healthy and use Kashi cereals with dark chocolate chips and sesame sticks or do the traditional kind.   If you have kids, this is something fun to do with them and great to have around the house for mini snacks or to feed those emergency cravings that we all get every now and then.

Things you’ll need for a traditional mix:  Raisins, M&M’s,  Peanuts,  Almonds and Cashews.  You can just put a cup of each ingredient in a bowl, mix well then store in baggies or a mason jar.

There is really no wrong or right way of doing this, but it’s always fun to put it together.  Enjoy!


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