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Archive for August 9, 2012

The little things… day 19



Life is either a great adventure or nothing.  ~Helen Keller

I’m grateful for…
The adventures I’ve had in my life, across the world especially or in my kitchen.

I’m letting go of…
Over planning some vacations.  I usually have more fun when I just plan the destination and length of stay, instead of scheduling “Must see” attractions every day.

Adventures don’t need to be grand or expensive.  Sometimes it’s as simple as pitching a tent in your backyard, getting everyone dressed as super heroes (yes, including the dogs) and pretending you’re stranded on a planet with no way back to earth as aliens invade it and you’re the only hope to save the human race.  Or pretending you’re James Bond and you and your lady friend have to leave a secret message by tagging a tunnel with purple spray paint.

PS… I don’t condone vandalism, but this picture was screaming adventure to me, don’t you think?

Have a wonderful and adventurous day!


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