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“Our social progress has not kept up with our technological progress.  We need a new way of thinking.  ”  ~ Ted Turner

After watching Oprah’s Master Class: Ted Turner, I discovered him to be brilliant.  He spoke of hard work, success, losing 80% of his fortune, getting back on his feet, sacrifice, honor, giving back to humanity and taking steps to help save our planet.

It was all very interesting and inspiring but one thing kept bugging me.  The question of “What am I doing to help save the planet?”  Thinking about it  inspired  me to post this.

Did you know that industrial revolution has only been around for 200 years?  Before that, (for 3 million years) all we had for progress were fire and stone tools?  Now, think about breakthroughs in the last few decades.  Let’s name a few.  Transportation, housing and community development, drugs and technology.  There are thousands of inventions to make life… convenient.  Now I understand why Al Gore’s documentary on the environment was called “An inconvenient truth“.  With all the inventions this generation has produced, there is much-needed attention to green technology.  We have 50 years of natural gas left.  That’s not very much time.

Getting educated in what you can do to make a difference is a good first step.  After searching the internet, I found this.  10 easy ways to be green.  What are your thoughts on global warming and have you done anything to help the progress of our planet’s health?


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